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    Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends from the Runway

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Hair and makeup are important accessories for a bridal look that can add to the overall effect when the big day comes. Designers continue to push the envelope on new trends that give brides a chance to express their inner beauty.

    This season, nude lips, pink neutrals, and other muted down colors are all the rage. These makeup trends create beautiful, fresh looks that are clean and modern. Popular hairstyles include braids, loose, flowing styles that are organic and versatile, and whimsical, fun looks that are not overly done. Watch this video to learn more about the latest trends.

    Come to Beaucage Salon & Spa to start figuring out your bridal look. Our expert stylists and hair colorists can turn your beauty dreams into a reality. To learn more about our Boston salon, call (857) 366-5237.

    How to Get Dream Hair In Time for Your Wedding

    Last updated 1 year ago

    As soon as you know when you are getting married, you can start to get dream hair that will look perfect as you walk down the aisle on your big day. Paying attention to your tresses a few months before the wedding date helps to ensure that you get the bridal look you have always wanted.

    Visit the Salon Every Few Weeks
    Regular haircuts and colors in the months leading up to your wedding keep your hair looking and feeling great. When you work with a professional hair colorist, your locks get the attention they deserve. When you start early, it also gives you the opportunity to try out a few different looks and colors and still change them if you do not like the way they turn out.

    Invest In Hair-Saving Treatments
    Special treatments give your hair a little bit of extra attention that keeps it soft, healthy, and shiny in time for your special day. Treatments like the elixir ultime mask add moisture without weighing down the strands. A masquintense nourishes and deeply conditions the hair. The concentre substantive can add strength and density to fine hair. Talk to your hairstylist about which treatments will do the most to benefit your hair.

    Get Some Extensions to Achieve Your Ideal Look
    If your hair does not grow as quickly as you want it to, hairdreams hair extensions can add length or volume to your look. If you have a hairstyle in mind that your current locks cannot achieve, these extensions can help you get it.

    Start coming in to Beaucage Salon & Spa as soon as your wedding date is set to give your hair the care it needs to look amazing on your big day. As one of Boston’s premiere salons, we offer the luxury services you need to help your hair thrive. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (857) 366-5237. 


    Last updated 1 year ago

    Ever wish you could have smooth, silky hair without struggling with the blow dryer and straightening iron? In the world of hair straightening, there are several options that professionals use. Troy Myers, Boston’s Smoothing Treatment expert, tells us what it takes for beautiful, frizz free hair for any season.

    FAQ with Troy Myers

    Q: There is a variety of straightening systems on the market. How do I know which straightening treatment is right for me?

    A: First and foremost, I always recommend a consultation. Ask as many questions as possible and make sure your stylist understands the type of smoothness you are looking for and that you understand your options.

    Here’s a brief overview of some of the options available:

    If you want something that lasts until your hair grows out…
    Thermal reconditioning (also called Japanese straightening) is best for bulky and loose to medium curls. This treatment is not ideal for kinky curls. The hair is saturated with a solution containing a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape; it is then rinsed, blow-dried, and meticulously flat ironed. Once a neutralizer is applied, the hair is locked into this new, straight configuration.

    This process can take up to eight hours the first time while touch-ups require three to four hours. For three days after the treatment, you can’t get your hair wet or do anything kink inducing (like wear a ponytail), and while your hair will now be sleek and shiny (even after air-drying), you’re left with one styling option: bone-straight. Even curling irons or hot rollers won’t restore volume or wave. Keep in mind that this treatment permanently changes the structure of the hair, so you have to continue it or endure a grow-out period. Tell your stylist everything you’ve done to your hair in the past two years as bleach and some hennas don’t react well with the chemical in thermal reconditioning solutions, and colored hair may be too fragile to handle a relaxer, which is particularly harsh.

    If you want something that wears off over two to four months…
    Treatments like Pure Brazilian and Coppola Keratin smooth the surface of the hair but don’t permanently break bonds, so your natural texture gradually returns.

    Pure Brazilian offers a choice of two different Solutions – Pure Brazilian Original Reconstructor and the Pure Brazilian CLEAR. The hair can be washed the same day because Pure Brazilian requires “no down time”. Both last up to three months as hair reverts back to its natural texture.

    The two Pure Brazilian solutions give the stylist an opportunity to customize their clients’ treatment to their hair type and desired results. The Original Reconstructor Solution is a stronger formula that is based on Brazilian Keratin, Cocoa and Acai. The Original Reconstructor Solution is ideal for coarse, thick or curly textured hair. It reduces volume and frizz, as well as imparting shine and softness. The CLEAR Solution is a plant-derived formula that reduces frizz and gives shine through an amino acid bonding system. The CLEAR Solution is ideal for fine to medium textured hair as it does not reduce volume. The CLEAR Solution is perfect for fine to medium hair clients, as well as pregnant and breast-feeding clients and children. Both Solutions yield results that last up to three months or longer and leave the hair in an overall healthier condition.

    Keratin treatments are comprised of a high protein base, which is what gives our hair it’s natural strength. Coppola Keratin adds volume, reduces up to 95% of frizz and leaves hair full-bodied and frizz free for up to three months. This process takes an average of 1 ½ – 2 hours to complete. As with the thermal reconditioning, you should not wet or wash your hair for three full days. During this time you have to be careful not to use hair ties, clips, or anything that might put a crease or kink in your hair.

    Q: Which system do you prefer?

    At the moment I’m loving Pure Brazilian because of the amazing shine it gives. This system is milder; it lasts about three months but also keeps some body in the hair. The process is much faster to do and there is no waiting time before washing your hair. During the summer months, I prefer Coppola Keratin for better longevity.

    Q: After your smoothing treatment, what products would you recommend?

    A: Sulfate free shampoo first and always because sulfate strip the product out faster. Moroccan Oil Conditioner, Puerology Smooth Down Conditioner or Yuko Deep Conditioner are among my favorites. A thermal protector is definitely a must. My must haves are Sebastian Potion 9 and Kerastase Neuter Thermique. Lastly, a once a week a deep conditioning mask will also give your treatment better longevity.

    Are You Washing Your Hair the Right Way?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Believe it or not, the way you wash your hair could be causing issues with frizz and dryness. If you want soft, silky locks that look and feel great, you have to perfect your shampooing routine. Keep reading for tips that will help you figure out the best way to wash your hair.

    If you wash your hair too often, it strips it of natural oils that provide important moisture. Ideally, you should only wash your hair two or three times per week. You should also apply the shampoo right to the scalp and work it in with your fingers. Use a hair mask to replenish moisture levels.

    With the help of the expert hair team at Beaucage Salon & Spa, you can figure out the best way to care for your locks. Whether you want a new cut or color, we can help you achieve your ideal look. To learn more about our Boston salon services, visit us on the Web or call (857) 366-5237.

    Men's Style: The Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The best hair looks are those that play off of your natural features. Finding a haircut that flatters your face shape enhances the most attractive aspects of your face. Use your hair as an accessory that helps you look your best by basing your styles off of your unique face shape. Keep reading to learn more about finding a cut that complements your look:

    Oval Faces
    Since oval faces are naturally proportional, they work with practically any hairstyle. If you have this face shape, you can get a haircut that can be styled in a variety of ways and rock each of those looks. The only thing that you should really try to avoid is a long bang, which can add more roundness to your face.

    Square Faces
    With a strong jaw and plenty of angles, square-shaped faces can also support a variety of looks. Whether you want a close-cut style or a loose fop, most hairstyles look good against a square face. Avoid parting the hair in the center or adding heavy bangs to complement the shape even more.

    Diamond Faces
    Diamond faces are the widest at the cheekbone. Many men who have diamond-shaped faces prefer to keep their hair a little longer to add the illusion of more width at the top of the head. Haircuts with a lot of volume or bangs are a great option for men with diamond-shaped faces. Wavy, natural looks often look better than stick straight ‘dos.

    Come to Boston’s Beaucage Salon & Spa today so our team of stylists can help you determine your face shape and the best kind of hairstyle for it. With two decades of experience, we know how to style and color your hair to give you the exact look that you want. For more information on our haircut or corrective coloring services, visit us online or call (857) 366-5237. 

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